5 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats (with quick results!)

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5 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats

Does your dog have a bad case of stinky breath, or perhaps you’re finding a continuous buildup of tartar on their yellowing teeth?

Being a warm, moist environment, dog’s mouths are full of bacteria!

A long term build up plaque bacteria can lead to dental issues like gum disease, which ultimately can result in having teeth removed.

These plaque bacteria also contribute to stinky doggo breath. No kisses, please!

Don’t get too worried thinking your dog’s teeth are all going to fall out just yet. There is a perfectly natural fix.

Tasty dental treats for dogs can be the perfect solution for cleaning up teeth quickly!

How do dog teeth cleaning treats work?

Teeth cleaning dental treats work in a two important ways.

Firstly, the chewing or gnawing on a harder, longer lasting, treats scrapes away built up plaque bacteria. It’s just like a toothbrush for dogs really.

Secondly, when your dog chews on a dental treat its mouth produces lots of saliva which has its own antibacterial abilities!

What are the best dog teeth cleaning treats?

Here we offer 5 natural dog treats perfect for cleaning teeth and freshening up the breath.

But if these aren’t enough, you can check out our full range of dental treats here.

Each of our treats are slow dried to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, proteins, and flavour for your dog’s general health.

1. Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet Natural Dog Treats
Chicken Feet dental treats for dogs

Chicken feet make a great teeth cleansing treat for your dog for a few reasons. They’re a moderately hard chew which makes them last longer than jerky type treat. The natural shape of the dehydrated chicken foot allows it to scrub in between teeth for a deeper clean.

There are also some added benefits of chicken feet for dogs. Notably, they are one of the best natural sources of collagen, an essential protein for maintaining healthy joints!

2. Roo King Tail

Roo Tail Dog Treats
Roo King Tail Tomyum 2

Our Roo King Tail is a thicker piece from the middle of the kangaroo’s tail, and about 25cm long. Roo King Tails are a longer chew perfect for scrubbing your dog’s teeth super clean. They commonly last over half an hour for extreme chompers like German Shepherds and Huskies, and up to days of chewing action for smaller breeds.

Kangaroo is the lowest fat content meat available, and even suitable for dogs that suffer from an easily upset stomach due to IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

3. Goat Horns

Goat Horn Dental Chew 1
Goat Horn Dog Treat

Goat Horns are the absolute champion of longer lasting dental chews for dogs. Being a very hard treat, they promote a lot of the gnawing action that does a great job of scrubbing away bad breath causing tartar. While less suitable for puppies, they’re perfect for dogs with their adult teeth and all extreme chompers. With Small, Medium, and Large versions, there’s a suitable option for all dog breeds.

4. Roo Knee Tendons

Kangaroo Kneecaps Natural Dog Treats
Acec Roo Tendons Dog Treats

There are two types of Roo Tendons available as dog treats, either the long tendon from the leg, or the short knobby tendon from the knee. We prefer the knee tendon (or kneecap) for cleaning dog’s teeth as they are much tougher to chew through and promote the production of that antibacterial saliva.

As an added benefit, Kangaroo Tendons are high in natural collagen for healthy joints, skin, and coat.

5. Cow Hooves

Cow Hoof for Dogs top view
Dog with a Cow Hoof Treat

Dogs go bonkers for Cow Hooves, but our word of warning is to let your dog to chew them outdoors as they really stink! However, the short term drawback of the smelly cow hoof is easily outweighed by the long term benefits of improved dental health. Much like Goat Horns, Cow Hooves are a hardy longer lasting treat that promote the gnawing action to scrub away tartar build up.

Our hollow Cow Hooves can also be easily stuffed with your dog’s favourite dinner mix. This article has some tasty enrichment ideas for your dog, turning their daily meals into mentally stimulating activities.

How Often Should I Give my Dog Dental Treats?

Dental Chews should complement but not replace your dog’s daily diet. Generally, giving your dog  dental chews 2 to 4 times each week will result in improved dental health over the longer term.

Dogs with teeth heavily coated in tartar may take a bit longer and more frequent attention to get under control, but it’s all based around progressive steps!

If your dog is already showing any sign of gum disease such as gum inflammation or loose teeth, we’d always suggest taking them to see a vet first! A vet will be able to recommend the immediate course of action, which would likely incorporate dental chews in a broader range of treatments.

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