The Pawfect Dog Birthday Treats Pack

Dog Birthday Treats


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Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Many dog owners do, and there are lots of ways to do it.

One popular way to celebrate is to give your dog a special treat. But what should that be? There are some great options out there, but our favourite way is to celebrate with a big pack of mixed birthday treats!

Rather than chomping through an entire pack of the same flavour treats, a big mix bag of treats gives your dog and their furry friends a nice range of treats to chomp on between their birthday play time.

Our Pawty Pack combines at least 5 different types of treats into one big 400g pack.

Pawty Pack
Pawty Pack treats details

How many dogs will this keep happy at the birthday party?

Let’s assume each dog chomps through about 50 grams of treats. A generous amount, but not too much. This 400g pack should keep 8 dogs happily chomping when treats time comes around.

And if you have more than 8 dogs, you can either get a second mixed pack of treats, or opt for something that breaks up into smaller pieces and goes around even further like Beef Liver, of Queenfish Bites.

Of course, if you were really going to spoil your dog we’re sure they’d find their way through the entire 400g pack alone!

What if my dog doesn’t like Fish, or Chicken, or Kangaroo?

Our Pawty Packs contain a balanced range of treats. If your dog doesn’t like a particular type of treat, the chances are pretty high one of their furry friends will.

After all, parties are for sharing right?

How can I get the Mixed Birthday Treats Pack?

You can purchase our mixed treats Pawty Pack right here on our online store.

We’re open 24/7, the perks of being an online store! We ship Australia wide and dispatch orders every 2nd day.

Need your dog’s birthday treats in a hurry? No problem, just select Express Post at checkout and your treats should arrive in just a couple days anywhere in Australia.

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