Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are OMP Treats Made?

All our treats are certified 100% Australian made. Top quality meat is raised on Australian farms, handled by Aussie butchers, and packed by a couple of Aussie’s in Melbourne.

You can feel great knowing you are supporting local businesses from the farm to your furry mate.

How Are OMP Treats Made?

All products are slow dried using a controlled “low-temperature low-humidity” technique.

This keeps in more proteins for your dog’s well being and makes the treats even more delisciously tasty!

Is the Packaging Recyclabe?

Yes, our packaging is 100% recyclable with plastics code number 7.

Our partnership with REDcycle means all our treats pouches can be recycled at dedicated soft plastics bins found at most Woolworths and Coles stores.

Read more about this on our sustainability roadmap.

How Much Can My Dog Eat?

Everything should be in moderation. We know that Oh My Paws treats are barking good, but they should not repalce your dog’s daily meals.

We suggest a snack or two a day, maybe an extra sneaky one on weekends.

Are Your Meats Sourced Ethically?

Our butchers only deal with government certified and accredited facilities. These follow tight regulations and ethical systems in regards to the welfare of animals.

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