Is Kangaroo Jerky Good for Dogs?


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Is Kangaroo Jerky Good for Dogs?

Kangaroo Jerky is one of the leanest dog treats around. This means it is high in protein and super low in fat, under 4% fat content actually!

But as you probably knew that already, we’re also going to tell you about a few other super benefits of Kangaroo Jerky for dogs.

Did you know that Kangaroo meat is also high in essential nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B12? Read on to find out why these are so essential to your dogs health and well-being.

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Key Nutrients in Kangaroo Jerky


Iron is an essential mineral in your dog’s diet which supports a number of natural processes. Some of the most important ones are the production of blood, and turning food into energy and other useful nutrients.

Iron is used in making three important parts of blood including red blood cells, hemoglobin, and myoglobin. These bits of blood are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients around your dog’s body to keep the whole thing running.

Iron also works in a number of enzymes. Enzymes are essential for your dog’s body to be able to turn food into energy and other useful nutrients. Iron lets enzymes work, and enzymes keep your dog active, energized, and healthy.


Zin is the second most used mineral in a dog’s body after Iron. A deficiency in zinc can lead to a whole range of health issues such as digestive problems, dermatitis, an underperforming or overreacting immune system, kidney failure, liver failure, or heart failure, and seizures. In the worst case, a long-term zinc deficiency can result in death.

Zinc deficiency is most common in Huskies and Malamutes, but also commonly effects other large breeds too like German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Dobermans.

That said, all dogs require regular zinc in their diet as they actually have no way of storing it in their body for later use. However, all things are good in moderation, as an oversupply of zinc can cause it’s own problems too.

Diets that are high in corn, wheat, and soy as commonly found in heavily processed foods can actually prevent your dog’s body from absorbing zinc. This is just a function of how a dog’s body works. The best sources of zinc for dogs is in whole and raw meats and fish.

Vitamin B12

Also called Cobalamin, Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient for your dog’s health in so many ways.

Firstly, Vitamin B12 is essential for allowing your dog’s body to absorb Iron which we mentioned above. Because of this, dogs with a lack of Vitamin B12 may develop a condition called anemia which causes a general lack of energy, weakness, and loss of appetite among other problems.

Vitamin B12 also supports your dog’s brain and spinal cord to work properly and helps to increase red blood cells which is required for maintaining energy levels. This helps to keep your dog’s appetite, which means they can still get all their other essential nutrients through their food. A dog that doesn’t eat won’t be healthy.

Where to Buy Kangaroo Jerky for Dogs?

Right here! Oh My Paws stock 100g and 200g packs of locally sourced Kangaroo Jerky. We deliver right around Australia including all major cities, towns, and even the most areas like Tennant Creek with registered AusPost.

Check out our Kangaroo Jerky treats here!

What Makes Our Kangaroo Jerky Different?

Oh My Paws Kangaroo Jerky is sourced from top quality local Australian butches. Unlike other major dog treat brands, our Kangaroo Jerky is slow dried at a lower temperature which keeps in more of the essential nutrients and irresistible flavours for your dog’s well-being.

Our dog treats are Aussie Made, and 100% Natural with no preservatives, no additives, and no salt added.

We also stock a range of other Kangaroo Dog Treats such as Roo Tendons and Roo Tails for longer chewing options.

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