5 Natural Training Treats for Dogs to Instantly Improve Recall Skills

Organic Beef Bites


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Leading dog trainers recommend that small training treats are a key factor in keeping a training session moving properly and effectively.

Small pieces of treats are essential as they don’t distract your dog for too long while chewing. This leads to more focus time on the training at hand.

Importantly, the correct training treats will also prevent your dog from getting full, thus keeping them more motivated for the tasty smelling food in your hand.

What are the best training treats for dogs?

There are loads of different training treats available in pet stores and online. Some freeze dried, dehydrated, processed, unprocessed. Heck, some people even use kibble!

We prefer to offer our dogs training treats which contain the least amount of processing, and the highest nutrient content.

If you can get training treats that are both super healthy and highly effective, then why not?

After asking over 500 customers, we’ve come up with this short list cheat sheet of the most effective natural training treats for your dog.

1. Organic Beef Bites

Dogs come running from the opposite end of the dog park when a pack of Organic Beef Bites gets opened.

They’re rather stinky, but dogs totally love them, and it shows!

Organic Beef Bites are not cooked or even dehydrated with heat. They’re slow dried in a climate-controlled environment over 10 days, completely without salt, flavourings, or preservatives.

Individual pieces are approximately the size of your thumb nail and consumed in about 2 seconds.

2. Hardy Heads

Often referred to as our small fishies, Hardy Heads make a great training treat for dogs that prefer seafood over beef.

Hardy Heads are whole small fish high in healthy nutrients like Omega-3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D. Read more about the health benefits of Omega-3 for dogs here.

Individual pieces are approximately 3-5 centimetres each and consumed in about 4 seconds.

3. Chicken Breast

Dehydrated Chicken breast is a favourite all rounder, especially for dogs that are picky easters.

Chicken Breast is high in protein and super low in fat making it a suitable training treats for all dogs, even those on a low-fat diet.

While individual pieces of Chicken Breast may be larger, they can very easily be snapped into smaller pieces suitable for training dogs.

4. Salmon Skin

We often hear that our Salmon Skin Strips are used as the ultimate high value reward. For dogs, they must be packed with that much irresistible flavour!

Salmon Skin is suuuuper high in those healthy Omega-3 oils. There’s so much that you can see them in the pack.

While individual sheets of Salmon Skin are larger, they can easily be cut up into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors making then suitable for training dogs (a little messy if you ask us, but nonetheless dog owners seem to like this option still).

5. Beef Liver

The classic training treat we’ve had since the beginning of launching Oh My Paws. Dehydrated Beef Liver is also a little bit stinky, but it works oh so well!

Beef Liver is a harder, crunchier treat which is high in protein and loaded with flavour.

Individual pieces range in size from the size of your thumbnail to the palm of your hand. However, Beef Liver is so easy to snap into smaller training sized pieces that you could it while you dog runs to you from the puddle of mud they’ve just rolled in.

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