5 Best Treats for Teething Puppies Under 3 Months, Guaranteed to Save Your Furniture!


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If you have a puppy, you know that they go through a teething stage just like human babies do. 

Your puppy will start teething around 3 to 4 months old, and they will probably be done teething by the time they are 7 or 8 months old. 

During this time, your puppy will need some extra care and attention. They may start to chew on things around the house such as your lounge and other furniture. They may also become a little cranky and clingy!

What to Feed a Teething Puppy under 3 months (or older)?

One way to help your puppy through this tough time is to give them puppy treats suitable for teething. These are treats that ideally help soothe your puppy’s gums and ease the discomfort of teething. They are also a great way to keep your puppy occupied and away from your furniture and shoes!

If you’re looking for puppy treats for teething, there are plenty of options available but here we’ll show you 5 of our favourite options.

As we’re focusing on young puppies under 2 or 3 months old, we want to avoid offering any hard chunky treats that could accidentally be swallowed whole. Young puppies are still figuring things out and we don’t want to risk them choking on unsuitable treats.

Remember, puppyhood is a challenging but important stage in your dog’s life as it’s brain develops and discovers lots of new things. Do whatever you can to make it as enjoyable as possible for both of you!

1. Kangaroo Tail Tip

Kangaroo Tail Tips are the perfect treats for teething puppies. They’re chunky at one end and narrow at the other which gets them cleaning those little teeth right from day one just like a real toothbrush.

Chewing pulls apart meaty dental floss fibres cleaning between teeth too! Even better, the small bone can be chewed and safely digested, making it suitable for puppies.

Kangaroo Tail Tips Mav and Meeka

2. Kangaroo Tendons

If you don’t think your young little pup can handle the chewing of a Roo Tail Tip, then a Kangaroo Tendon may be more suitable.

Individual pieces of tendons are thinner, and instead of having a small bone through the middle, they’re completely ligament meaning loads of healthy collagen!

Premium Roo Tendon Natural Dog Treats 2

3. Jumbo Pig Ears

Now, an older dog might power through one of these Pig Ear’s like you or I go through a pack of Tim Tams after being chocolate deprived for months, but for a young puppy’s teeth, these Pig Ears stand the test of time.

Pig Ears are nice and chewy, but softer on the gums making them puppy perfect.

Pigs Ears for Dogs - Mav and Meeka

4. Kangaroo Ears

Kangaroo Ears with the fur on are an amazing source of natural fibre which is super beneficial for your puppy’s gut health, supporting the growth of healthy probiotics.

As fur does not completely digest in the stomach, it passes through your puppy’s digestive tract partially intact. This acts as a natural brush that cleans away worm eggs as it passes through.

Being a completely different texture than most other treats available, Kangaroo Ears provide plenty of mental stimulation for your puppy, keeping their minds occupied for longer.

Kangaroo Ears with Fur On (Loki)

5. Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet are loaded with collagen, an essential protein for your dog to maintain healthy joints and ligaments. Collagen also gives dogs a healthy shiny coat and strong nails. 

These treats are moderately tough to chew for puppies, but not as hard as treats with larger bones like in Roo Shoulders. This makes Chicken Feet suitable for those sharp but still fragile little puppy teeth.

Has your puppy tried any of these treats so far? How did it help with the challenge of teething? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from your experience first hand.

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