Can Dogs Eat Chicken Feet? Here’s What You Need to Know!


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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Feet? What You Need to Know!

Chicken Feet have been quickly growing in popularity as more owners look for natural treats for their dogs. And, there are some very good reasons why!

Not only are Chicken Feet a super tasty treat for your dog, but they are also loaded with essential nutrients for your dog’s health and general wellbeing. We should add that Chicken Feet also go without nasty additives or preservatives.

Here we will look further into some of the key health benefits of chicken feet for dogs, and assess their general suitability.

What are the benefits of chicken feet for dogs?

Improves Joint Health (Treats Osteoarthritis)

Did you know that Chicken Feet are loaded with naturally occurring collagen? Around 70% of the foot is cartilage where the main protein is collagen, with a further 5% glucosamine. Talk about a super food!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your dog’s body. However, as dogs get older, they produce less and less collagen leading to stiff joints and ligaments. The painful result of these stiff joints is also known as osteoarthritis.

Anyone with an older dog suffering from osteoarthritis will know how expensive collagen supplements can be. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case if you were to add a few chicken feet into your dog’s diet.

It’s never too early to start topping up your dog’s collagen intake, as even puppies will love these treats!

Improves Dental Health (natural toothbrush)

Dehydrated chicken feet also provide a great chewing or gnawing treat for dogs. We explained further in another article how certain treats can clean your dog’s teeth.

Essentially, when your dog chews on a harder treat like a dehydrated chicken foot, the built-up tartar is scraped away from the teeth. It’s an entirely natural toothbrush for dogs!

Furthermore, while chewing dental treats such as chicken feet, your dog mouth produces extra saliva. This saliva has its own antibacterial abilities to kill bacteria in your dog’s mouth and improve stinky dog breath.

Improves Coat, Skin, and Nail Health

Another benefit of the collagen in chicken feet is that it helps to improve the health of your dog’s coat, skin, and nails.

If your dog has been suffering from itchy or flaky skin, then consider including a regular serving of chicken feet in their diet. Dehydrated or raw chicken feet can both provide the benefits here.

Are Chicken Feet Safe for Dogs?

You’ve probably heard advice, like most people, that chicken bones are no good for dogs. That’s generally true, especially with larger cooked bones like the drumstick (or thigh) that can splinter when chewed.

But chicken feet are quite different.

As mentioned above, chicken feet are over 70% cartilage which is mostly comprised of the collagen protein. While this is quite hard when dehydrated, this cartilage is quite easily and safely digested.

If you are feeding chicken feet to your dog for the first time, or you have a younger puppy that may be prone to swelling treats whole, then we suggest supervision. However, most likely you’ll find that your dog is sensible and chews them properly.

How often can I give my dog chicken feet?

Chicken Feet should complement but not replace your dog’s daily diet. Generally, giving your dog one or two chicken feet per day is perfectly fine.

After a short while you should notice improved dental health, freshened breath, and possibly even improved skin health if that was an issue to start with.

If you’d like to find some mentally stimulating ways of giving chicken feet to your dog (and make the chewing last even longer) then be sure to check out our article on these creative dog treat enrichment ideas. Enrichments are a great way for your dog to engage in their natural instincts and become more mentally, physically, and emotionally satisfied (i.e. happier and less destructive).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the suitability of chicken feet for your dog.

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